On June 25, in Moscow, the Directorate and the official organiser of the Forum held a meeting with a delegation from Qingdao

On June 25, in Moscow, in preparation for the International Municipal BRICS Forum (IMBRICS Forum), a meeting of the Directorate and the official organiser of the Forum with a delegation from Qingdao, headed by Song Mingjie, Vice Mayor of the agglomeration, was held. During the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for inter-municipal Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of food security and assessed the potential for the development of bilateral relations.

Mikhail Sverdlov, Director of the IMBRICS Business Communications Foundation:

· Expressed his gratitude to the Forum guests for their visit.

· Outlined three key areas for the development of inter-municipal cooperation: business ties, inter-parliamentary cooperation at the municipal level, and the creation of a favourable investment climate in cities and megacities.

Vladislav Mishchenko, Head of the international block of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

· Stressed the strategic importance of cooperation with China.

· Named the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and an increase in the share of non-primary exports as a priority.

· Noted the IMBRICS Forum as an excellent platform for building effective communications between megacities.
"We believe that the IMBRICS Forum is an excellent platform for building effective communications between our cities and megacities".

Vladimir Lischuk, Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation:

· Highlighted the special role of food security in the cooperation between the two countries.

· Stated the potential for the realisation of common interests in products exchange within the framework of the Forum.

Alexey Naumov, Head of the Agency for Foreign Investments of the Moscow Centre for International Cooperation:

· Spoke about Moscow’s solution to several major problems of megacities (transport, food supply), expressed the willingness of the Moscow government to share successful experiences with other cities.

· Stressed the interest in developing cooperation with Qingdao.
"We consider interaction on the sidelines of the Forum exclusively in a business format. We are talking about the interests of cities, their residents, businesses and, of course, further mutual integration."

Song Mingjie, Vice Mayor of Qingdao:

· Expressed confidence in the bright future of joint projects.

· Stressed the interest in entering the Russian market in the fields of transport and food.

· Offered to exchange lists of potential proposals and expressed hope for the visit of the Russian delegation to Qingdao.

We remind you that the IMBRICS Forum is to be held on the eve of the BRICS summit on August 27-28 in Moscow, at the Expocentre Exhibition Central Complex.