Yuri Ushakov, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, spoke about Russia's chairmanship in the BRICS

The statement noted that the West is jealous of BRICS expansion and is trying to undermine and weaken the association. However, the BRICS interstate association is not competing with anyone and is not an anti-Western association. The upcoming BRICS Games are not a response to Western sanctions in sports, as Russia guarantees the opportunity for teams from any country in the world to participate in them.

Ushakov also said that it is premature to talk about the second ‘wave’ of BRICS expansion; the list of possible partners may be approved at the summit in Kazan in October. Despite Argentina's refusal to join BRICS, Russia considers the country worthy to be a member of the association.

According to the presidential aide, security issues are on the BRICS countries' cooperation agenda, but there are no plans to hold military exercises.